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The New Q Desire: An Anthology of Queer People Sharing Intersectional Wisdom


This publishing project comes out of conversation between Malcolm Himschoot and Rebecca Voelkel. The idea began when as white queer identified religious leaders in the spring of this year, we were asked “what’s next” for the movement. Connected to queer leaders who have never been limited to just one issue, most of all people of color, we began thinking how we could distribute more widely the lessons taught by change-makers across a range of economic and social justice issues. This gave rise to the idea of a book with chapters written by queer people who could from their experience name the intersections at the heart of a good answer to that question. The anthology will share powerful narrative experiences of activists, religious leaders, thinkers and artists, and be used to teach queer and allied readers important aspects of being part of an embodied movement.

Other important details about the project:

- The initial print run of 200 copies will come from a fair-wage People of Color-owned co-op shop GTK Press in Cleveland, OH

- This funding will allow us to compensate authors who are life experts, leading practitioners and theorists of embodied social change

- All of the editorial and promotion services are being provided by The Center for Sustainable Justice

- This project contributes to building up a platform in the progressive faith community for current justice campaigns and multi-epoch culture shift

- All artists and peer reviewers will be compensated for professional services

What does this mean: value of building the movement is much greater than one-time $13,884!

Recent Updates

$1,831 Gathered
$13,884 Needed
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The New Q Desire

Contributors include: Miss Major Griffin Gracy, Lawrence Tanner Richardson, Louis Mitchell, Lizette Merchan Pinilla, DeWayne Davis, Robyn Henderson Espinoza, Alba Onofrio, Nicole Garcia, Beth Zemsky, Lynn Young, Fran Bogle, Peterson Toscano, Cate Michelle Desjardins, Wendy Harbour, Erin Upchurch, Yvette Flunder, Joshua Lesser and others!