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Prevent Suicide within Public Safety through Education

Save Our Shields is an educational presentation ministry that has one goal...SAVE LIVES!  Police and fire have lost more to suicide than line of duty deaths at an alarming rate.  The number one step is prevention through education by holding 30 minute roll call sessions to 2 hour conference sessions.  We plan on using the raised funds for audio/video equipment, information cards to promote the ministry, and other handouts.

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Peter Greene is a Born Again Christian and  has been in law enforcement and public safety since 1990 with family and friends within the fire service and 9-1-1 dispatching.  He alone can name 5 people within the ranks that have completed suicide and this is far too many!  His goal is to teach others what to look for, how to get help, and recognize that a person on their own is unable to deal with the day-to-day pains that public safety experience.  By teaching what to look for and how to care for each other, lives can be saved