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Off The Pews and Into the Streets


Off the Pews Into The Streets:  A Faith Based Community's Response to Youth Violence is




A Collaboration among the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ, Participating churches, and affiliate faith organizations (United Black Christians, Community Renewal Society, Chicago Theological Seminary) and Community institutions.


The leadership team developed a curriculum that includes: Mentoring, modeling ethical behavior, team teaching (youth/adult), life/job skills—analytical and problem solving; entrepreneurial endeavors, photography, music production, technology, social media, and environmental sustainability. Six-week modules are team taught by youth assistants and an adult who is a professional in the content area.  Based on demand, the classes are rotated among the churches.

 Workshops are free and open to everyone. 




Off The Pews is a faith-based community joining with aspects of the broader community to implement strategies that reduce the impact of youth violence while building alternate pathways through shared resources.




Become a community that is open to seeking and embracing the variation found in humanity and the environment.

An Intergenerational Antidote for Violence.  

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