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Convergence Music Project


Every movement needs songs to sing.

We are progressive Christian musicians who were looking for a new way to distribute congregational music that we were creating. There aren't many - if any - spaces on the web that align with out values, will sell our music and pay us fairly. So, we decided to get together and create one. 

But now we need your help. We need to get word out in the world that this site exists. We will use all of our existing relationship channels, but that isn't really the way the world works anymore. We need to hire a team to help us with online marketing and SEO positioning (whatever that is!). So, we need to ask for your support. 

We need to raise $18,000 to really launch this site BIG TIME. We promise that we will post the highest quality congregational music on the site to support your ministries and churches. We really believe in the power of this crowdsourcing platform to empower churches and musicians alike. 

But none of this will matter if no one knows that Convergence Music Project exists! 

If you will make a donation of $150 or more, we will make you an early adopter member of the site, giving you access to all of the music, lead sheets, PPTs, piano arrangements, etc. 

Please think about making a donation to this dream. We are all in this together! 

Recent Updates

$26 Gathered
$18,000 Needed
2 Donors
-626 Days Left

"We at Trinity UCC are excited to be a part of the Convergence Music Project!  We look forward to sharing some of our musicians’ original compositions through CMP and to offering insights regarding the role of music in our worship life together.  The world needs what CMP is offering—a new source of worship music that will help us sing our way into the justice, compassion, earth-keeping, liberating Love that is always found at the heart of the Gospel.”  -Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III