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21 May, 2015
How crowdfunding inspires creative ministry by Adam J. Copeland

Sociologist Robert Wuthnow tells the story of Glenn D. McMurry, a young man born in 1917 who wrote an autobiography about his life in rural Kansas. McMurry writes about his Methodist church and describes a method of raising money used by the congregation when a particular need arose. The leader of the finance committee would explain how much money was needed. The secretary would write the financial goal on the board, and then the chair would ask, “Who’ll give 25 dollars?”When hands went up, the secretary dutifully noted the names of the donors and subtracted the total pledged from the goal. “Now who’ll give 20 dollar

15 May, 2015
Millennials leaving church in droves, study finds

(CNN)Atrn its core, Christian life is set of sacred traditions linking rngenerations of sacraments and Sunday school lessons, youth ministry rnmorals and family gatherings sanctified by prayer. An unbroken circle, rnin the words of an old hymn.In rnmodern America, that circle may not be completely shot, but it is wobblyrn and badly bent, according to a new landmark study conducted by the Pew rnResearch Center. Released Tuesday, the survey of 35,000 American adultsrn shows the Christian percentage of the population dropping rnprecipitously, to 70.6%. In 2007, the last time Pew conduct