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    Taking it to the Streets

    By Worcester Fellowship

Catalog of Opportunities

Connect with opportunities to support ministries and leaders by funding specific projects or general funds.

Growing Network

We work better together. Find new and exciting projects happening in your area.

Get Support

Ministry is not easy today and sometimes you need to talk to someone about the challenges you face. Need coaching and training support for your ministry? We can help.

Tax Deductible

All of your donations are tax deductible and support innovative nonprofits.

Support the Movement

We believe the best days of Christianity are ahead of us, not behind us. By supporting the ministry projects on this site, we are ensuring that hopeful future.

Committed to the Gospel

Together, we are working to create ministries that model just and generous expressions of Christianity in the world.

The Convergence Movement is bringing together forward-thinking Catholics, Evangelicals, and mainline Protestants, along with ethnic and peace churches and other willing colleagues, in a growing movement-building collaborative. This movement connects people and organizations to solve great problems and participate in new opportunities, especially to heal the human spirit, to foster abundant life in community, to seek the common good, and to promote responsible living with the earth. 

Rev. Cameron Trimble,